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» Tropical Rain Forest

Tropical rain forest play a very important role in the Earth's ecology. Not only is it home to numerous plants and animals but most of the earths oxygen is provided by the plants in this tropical forest. You also find many plants with medical properties in this rainforest. These plants play a very crucial role in dealing with numerous diseases because of their healing possibilities There are many animals that are unique to the rainforest and they can't be found anywhere else on the planet. One of these rainforest creatures is the Brazilian Tapir. This mammal is only found in certain areas in South America . It feeds mainly on small branches and leaves. The Tapir is considered harmless to man since it has a natural fear of anything larger than it. It always lives near the water, spending much of its time diving and swimming in the ponds and lakes that can be found in the tropical rainforest. There are also many varieties of birds to be found in the rainforest. One such bird is the Crested Guan, which can be found on the northern tip of South America . This bird lives in the tall trees of the rainforest and lives off of the seeds and fruits that are available on the floor of the tropical rainforest.   Many reptiles can be found in the tropical rainforest. One of the reptiles that can be found living in the forests of Indonesia and the Philippines is the Flying Dragon. This reptile is called the "flying dragon" because he seems to fly from one tree to another using his skin flaps. You'll find this reptile eating ants and other insects. When it comes time to breed they'll bury their eggs in the fertile soil of the rainforest. The Slow Loris is another animal that is unique to the tropical rainforest. This animal will spend most of his day in the tops of trees sleeping quietly. At night you'll find him feeding on shoots and leaves, small birds, bird's eggs, and insects that he finds on the ground. The Loris is a very slow mover but you'll rarely see him stumble as he makes his way from tree top to the forest floor. You might even see him hanging upside down from his feet. A visit to the tropical rainforest wouldn't be complete without a few sightings of some of the snakes found only in this unique environment. One such snake is the Vine Snake, which can be found in central and northern South America . This snake prefers to eat small birds that it steals from nests or lizards that it finds on the ground and in the trees of the forest. The Vine Snakes name derives from the snakes appearance - a very thin snake (approximately half inch in diameter), which will stop what its doing when frightened by predator and hang from the trees, swaying from side to side. This hanging appearance looks much like the vines that are so common in this part of the rainforest. Besides the above mentioned species, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of animal species living in the tropical rainforests. Most of these animals have developed unique features that help them survive in this beautiful, but demanding, environment. The tropical rainforest is amazing to see - a wonderful learning opportunity to observe a rare part of the world and the plants and animals that live there.


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