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T r a v e l  To  E U R O P E

Europe Tourism

» Europe is a historical and cultural continent and a geographical subcontinent forming the westernmost part of the Eurasian  super continent. Europe is bounded to the north by the Arctic Ocean , to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, and to the east by the Ural Mountains and the Caspian Sea .

» In terms of area , Europe is the world's second smallest continent, with an area of 10,400,000 km (4,000,000 square miles), making it slightly larger than Australia In terms of population it is the third largest continent after Asia and Africa .

» Europe has a long history of cultural and economic achievement, starting as far back as the palaeolithic The Paleolithic or Palaeolithic lit. old stone period is the oldest part of the stone age, dating from the first use of stone tools by hominids (maybe 2,000,000 years ago) to the end of the Pleistocene epoch. Subdivisions of the Paleolithic include the Origins of Western democratic and individualistic culture are often laid in Ancient Greece ; the Roman Empire  divided the continent along the Rhine  and Danube  for several centuries. Following the decline of the Roman Empire, Europe entered a long period of stasis, referred to by Renaissance  thinkers as the " Dark Ages " and by the Enlightenment  and modern historians, as the Middle Ages .

» The Culture of Europe might better be described as a series of overlapping cultures of Europe Whether it be a question of West as opposed to East; Catholicism and; Christianity as opposed to Islam , many have claimed to identify cultural fault lines across the continent.

T O P - E U R O P E A N  
   C O U N T R I E S
 T r a v e l   G e r m a n y ------------

Germany is a constitutional federal republic, whose political system is laid out in the 1949 'constitution' called Grundgesetz (Fundamental Law). Together with France , the united Germany is playing a leading role in the European Union. Germany is at the forefront of European states seeking to advance the creation of a more unified and capable European political, defense, and security apparatus.

The Federal Republic of Germany The Federal Republic of Germany has a prospering tourism industry. Tourism in Germany has improved since the end of World War II and many tourists visit Germany to experience a sense of European history. The countryside exhibits a pastoral aura, while its cities exhibit both a modern and classical feel.

» Capital : Berlin
» Language : German
» Currecny : Euro(€)
» Dialing code : +49
» National Anthem: Das Lied der Deutschen
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 T r a v e l   I r e l a n d ------------

The island of Ireland is a Goidelic language spoken in Ireland . Irish is constitutionally recognized as the first official language of the Republic of Ireland , and has recently received a degree of formal recognition in Northern Ireland , under the Good Friday Agreement alongside the varieties of Lowland Scots spoken in Northern Ireland . It is composed of the Republic of Ireland in the south and Northern Ireland a region of the United Kingdom. The population of the island is about 5.6 million people.

Politically, the island of Ireland is divided into » The Republic of Ireland , capital - Dublin . This state is often simply referred to internally and internationally as Ireland or Eire. Technically Ireland and Eire are the official names of the state while the " Republic of Ireland " is its official description. Northern Ireland , capital - Belfast , also referred to unofficially as the ' Six Counties ', the North of Ireland, and Ulster'. Northern Ireland is a region of the United Kingdom .

The three most important international airports in the Republic are Dublin Airport , Cork Airport and Shannon Airport . All provide extensive services to the UK , Europe and North America .

The Irish rugby team includes players from the north and the south, and the Irish Rugby Football Union governs the sport on both sides of the border. Gaelic football is the most popular form of football and is played and organised on an All-Ireland basis.

» Capital : Dublin