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Egyptian Heritage

egyptian heritage

» Ancient Egypt appeared as a unified state sometime around. It survived as an independent state until about 1300 BC. Archeological evidence indicates that a developed Egyptian society has existed for much longer. Ongoing excavation in Egypt continually reshapes the views of scholars about the origins of Egyptian civilization.


» Ongoing dig in Egypt frequently reshapes the views of scholars about the genesis of Egyptian civilization. In the late 20th century archaeologists discovered evidence of human habitation before 8000 BC in an area in the southwestern corner of Egypt , near the border with Sudan . Nomadic peoples may have been attracted to that area because of the hospitable climate and environment. Now exceptionally dry, that area once had grassy plains and temporary lakes that resulted from seasonal rains. The people who settled there must have realized the benefits of a more sedentary life. Scientific analysis of the remains of their culture indicates that by 6000 BC they were herding cattle and constructing large buildings.

» The descendants of these people may well have begun Egyptian civilization in the Nile Valley . Also a recent genetic study links the maternal lineage of a traditional population from Upper Egypt to eastern In about 3100 BC. The pyramids at Giza (near Cairo ), which were built in the fourth dynasty, testify to the power of the pharaonic religion and state. The Great Pyramid , the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu (also known as Cheops is the only surviving monument of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World . Ancient Egypt reached the peak of its power, wealth, and territorial extent in the period called the New Empire (15671085 BC).

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