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E g y p t : People & Culture

rich egyptian culture

» The country is famous for its ancient civilization and some of the world's most stunning ancient monuments, including pyramids, Karnak temple and the Valley of the Kings. Today, Egypt is widely considered the main political and cultural center of the Arab world.

Ancient Egypt is conceivably the most attractive of the ancient civilizations. Indeed, the Ancient Egyptian civilization was one of the longest in the west. What is astonishing about the Egyptian's culture is not their swift growth and expansion, but their capacity to conserve the past and overcome with comparatively little change. Ancient Egypt is a starting point in the history of western art. Pyramids and sphinxes have become symbols of Egypt.

» The ancient Egyptians were a religious people. Two of the earliest religious cults were sun and nature. As an agricultural society, they depended upon the cyclical nature of the Nile floods to refill the lands with productive topsoil and they depended upon the sun to help produce a plentiful crop. Witnessing the natural processes of the earth likely influenced their beliefs in the next world.
Egypt has been a nation for much longer than most. Menes, the first Pharaoh, united Upper and Lower Egypt in 3050 BC, creating a state whose inheritance is matchless in recorded history. Elaborate tombs were designed, glorious pyramids constructed, and a enormous and inspiring pantheon of deities was privileged in huge temples. The Nile was harnessed for irrigation. By any standard, this dynastic society was very successful.

» Today Music has a long custom in Egypt . Popular Egyptian music includes folk music of the country, traditional Arabic music, and Western-style music. The country's most famous singer is Omm Kulthum. Her voice has been celebrated in Egypt and other Arabic-speaking countries for over 50 years.


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