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China : Travel Fun

The term China can narrowly mean China proper or more usually and inclusively, China proper and Manchuria, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, and Xinjiang. The boundaries between these regions do not necessarily follow provincial boundaries.

In many contexts" China " is commonly used to refer to the People's Republic of China or mainland China , while " Taiwan " is used to refer to the Republic of China. Sometimes informally, especially in the English and Chinese business world, "the Greater China region" refers to China.

China is a country in continental  East Asia  with some outer territories in Central Asia and offshore islands in the Pacific Ocean that since 1949 has been divided de facto between the People's Republic of China Official language Chinese. China is the world's oldest continuous civilization, with a history characterized by repeated divisions and reunifications amid alternating periods of peace and war, and violent dynastic change. Power was generally concentrated in the hands of the emperor but sometimes shifted to powerful officials or regional warlords.

» The country's territorial extent varied according to its shifting fortunes. For many centuries, most notably from the 7th  through the 14th centuries, China stood as the world's most advanced civilization and as East Asia 's dominant cultural influence. The country's population  of over 1.3 billion people makes up a fifth of the world's population and is overwhelmingly of the Han Chinese ethnicity. Their language, Chinese is divided into many spoken variations. These spoken languages are used today in modern society and in many parts of Europe and America.

» The Chinese call their country Zhongguo which is usually translated as Middle Kingdom or Central Country. The term has not been used consistently throughout Chinese history, however and clearly has cultural and political connotations.


   T o u r i s m  C h i n a  :  M o r e   I n f o  »

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