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Travel Info: Tourism is a part of Traveling

Tourism History

» Tourism is the act of travel for the purpose of recreation, and the provision of services for this act. A tourist is someone who travels at least eighty kilometers from home for the purpose of recreation,as defined by the World Tourism  Organization. A more comprehensive definition would be that tourism is a service industry, comprising a number of tangible and intangible components.

The tangible elements include transport systems; Air, Rail, road, Water and now, space; hospitality services, accommodation, foods and beverages, tours, souvenirs; and related services such as banking, insurance and safety and security. The intangible elements include: rest and relaxation, culture, escape, adventure, new and different experiences. Sometimes Tourism and Travel are used interchangeably. In this context travel has a similar definition to tourism, but implies a more purposeful journey.

» Health tourism & leisure travel; It was not until the 19th century that cultural tourism developed into leisure and health tourism. Some English travelers, after visiting the warm lands of the south of Europe , decided to stay there either for the cold season or for the rest of their lives. Others began to visit places with supposedly health-giving mineral waters, in hopes of relieving a whole variety of diseases. Leisure travel was a British creation due to sociological factors. Britain was the first European country to industrialize, and the industrial society was the first society to offer time for leisure to a growing number of people. Initially, this did not apply to the working masses.

» Winter Tourism; Winter sports were largely invented by the British leisured classes. Organized sport was well established in Britain before it reached other countries. The vocabulary of sport bears witness to this: rugby, football, and boxing all originated in Britain , and even Tennis, originally a French sport, was formalized and codified by the British, who hosted the first national championship in the nineteenth century, at Wimbledon . Winter sports were a natural answer for a leisured class looking for amusement during the coldest season.

Mass travel;
The father of modern mass tourism was Thomas Cook who, on 5 July 1841, organized the first package tour in history by chartering a train to take a temperance campaigners from  Leicester  to a rally in Loughborough, some twenty miles away. Cook immediately saw the potential for business development in the sector, and became the world's first tour operator. He was soon followed by others, with the result that the tourist industry developed rapidly in early Victorian Britain. Initially it was supported by the growing middle classes, who had time off from their work, and who could afford the luxury of travel and possibly even staying for periods of time in boarding houses. For a century, domestic tourism was the norm, with foreign travel being reserved for the rich or the culturally curious. International mass tourism; Increasing speed on railways meant that the tourist industry could develop internationally. By 1901, the number of people crossing the English Channel from England to France  or Belgium  had passed 0.5 million per year. .

Outdoor Recreations

Recent Development In Tourism Industry

Attempts to move towards "quality tourism" are difficult given competition from cheaper, unspoilt holiday destinations on the one hand and the legacy of decades of over-exploitation on the other. Receptive tourism is now growing at a very rapid rate in many developing countries. In recent years, second holidays or vacations have become more popular as people's disposable income increases. Typical combinations are a package to the typical mass tourist resort, with a winter skiing holiday.

Special Forms of Tourism;

Outdoor Recreations

Medical tourism

Outdoor Recreations

Disaster tourism

Outdoor Recreations

Virtual tourism

Outdoor Recreations

Bookstore Tourism

Outdoor Recreations


Outdoor Recreations


Outdoor Recreations

Educational tourism

Outdoor Recreations

Health tourism

Outdoor Recreations

Space tourism

Outdoor Recreations

Adventure Tourism

Outdoor Recreations

Cultural tourism

Outdoor Recreations


Outdoor Recreations

Heritage tourism

» Future Trend of Toursim Industry; The World Tourism Organization forecasts that international tourism will continue growing at the average annual rate of 4 percent. By 2020 Europe  will remain the most popular destination, but its share will drop from 60 percent in 1995 to 46 percent. Space tourism is expected to "take off" in the first quarter of the 21st century, although compared with traditional destinations the number of tourists in orbit will remain low until technologies such as space elevator make space travel cheap. On the ocean tourists will be welcomed by ever larger cruise ships and perhaps floating cities.

» World Tourist Spot: Top Tourist Choice



Tourist Ratio: 2003

France attracts more than 60 million tourists every year
75 million tourists
Spain is the second most visited tourism destination in the World after France.
52 million tourists
United States Tourism in the United States is mostly promoted at the state and local level. Tourists visit the U.S. to see natural wonders, gambling venues, historic landmarks, and its cities.
40 million tourists
Italy With more than 39.8 million tourists a year Italy is the fourth most visited country in the world, Italy has some of the world's most ancient tourist resorts, dating back to the time of the Roman Republic, when destinations such as Pompeii, Naples, Capri and especially Baiae were popular with the rich of Roman society.
39 million tourists
China is a region with one of the longest histories and oldest civilizations in the world. It has a history of over five thousand years and has made impressive advancements in architecture, arts, cuisine and language.
33 million tourists
United Kingdom , attracts tourist from all around the globe.
24 million tourists
Visits to Austria mostly include trips to Vienna with its Cathedral
19 million tourists

Tourism in Mexico is a very large industry. The most notable tourist draws are the ancient Meso-American ruins, and popular beach resorts.

18.7 million tourists
The Federal Republic of Germany has a prospering tourism industry.
18.4 million tourists
Tourism in Canada can be a rich experience. Skiing is popular in resorts within the Canada
17 million tourists

» World Tourism Day

Since 1980, September 27  is celebrated by the World Trade Organization as World Tourism Day. The purpose of this day is to display awareness that tourism is vital to the international community and to show how it affects the social, cultural, political and economic values worldwide. The adoption of the statutes is considered to be a milestone in global tourism.

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