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Summer Holidays Travel

Summers always begin on the longest day of the year. Summers are the perfect days in which everyone can enjoy all the outdoor activities like swimming, taking trips to rocks, reading books while resting in hammock or any activity for that matter, which you had put to rest in winters. Summer brings in a cheer; it raises the spirits and lends buoyancy to your steps. People who are temperamental by nature and get into morose depressive moods in gray winters find themselves in happier moods during summer. Scientists have explained these mood disorder to hours of daylight, and researches have revealed that the increased levels of Vitamin D that people get from the sun during the summer plays a vital part in improving mood during the summer. The layman's explanation for the mood swings in summer is simply because it's a season that's associated with fun and leisure. It's holiday time. Or, so it was till recent years. In many countries in the world, almost all industries and even towns shut down during the month of August. This is because the heat is just too much for people to work in buildings without air conditioning. During the summer it's important to protect yourself from heat stroke and dehydration. These are very serious medical conditions and can be prevented if you take large quantities of water especially if you are involved in an outdoor activity. And, don't forget to take frequent breaks to allow your body to cool down. Using sunscreen is another way to keep you from getting too much sun. Sunburns are not only painful, but sun exposure is considered a cause for skin cancers of all types. However, doctors say that getting a little sun is good for you to increase your levels of much needed Vitamin D.


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