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Choosing For Cruising

Have you and your betrothed given any thought to getting married on a cruise? It can, and does, happen. In fact, one of the Princess Lines ships, the Grand Princess (and the folks that brought you the Love Boat) even has a wedding chapel. Most cruises, however, while they may offer a wedding cruise, are actually going to perform the ceremony on land. You may marry at the port from which you are leaving or a port of call along the way. Once you know who's going to be traveling with you, look for theme cruise packages. Some are designed for honeymooners, some for families, some for baby boomers, some for seniors, some for gay and lesbian cruisers. Try for a port as close to your home as possible - or if not close, look for the least expensive to reach by plane, train or car. Book your cruise way ahead of time if you can. Many packages offer early bird discounts. Once you book a wedding cruise you'll be assigned a ship wedding consultant who will help with all arrangements. As part of your wedding package you'll be able to choose wedding flowers and music. You'll also have your own choice of photographer. Wedding cruises are very popular. To book yours you'll need to give your travel agent and the cruise line of your choice at least a year's notice, and 18 months would be preferable. One thing you'll have to be aware of is that taking part in shipboard nuptials necessitates your being issued a marriage certificate of the home port of the ship line. If married aboard the Grand Princess, for example, your marriage license will be from Liberia. Make sure that your home state will accept this as a valid certificate. There are so many cruise lines from which to choose - the most prominent being the aforementioned Princess Lines, Carnival Cruise Ships, Windjammer Barefoot Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean. If you're not going as a large group and you might be interested in getting to know your fellow passengers then be sure and inquire about the usual demographics of these travelers. If you're 20 something and it's a baby boomer cruise you're apt to be bored. If you bring your grade schoolers and most of the other kids are in their teens they won't have enough playmates and you'll be their entertainment for the extent of the cruise. There are several sites that can help with your search for a discounted cruise vacation. FreighterWorld.com, for example, is the home of the world's largest travel agency for freighter travel, Freighter World Cruises Inc., of Pasadena CA. Their freighters travel the globe, offering a quiet, sun-laden vacation with outside cabins that are comfortably furnished. Most freighters also offer a nice lounge and library and a pleasant deck and small pool. Via Freighter World Cruises you can visit the South Pacific or the Orient, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South America and the Mediterranean.


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Egypt is the most populous Arab country, at about 73,000,000 people
Egypt is the most populous Arab country ...
About 80% of Greece is mountainous or hilly
Greece, formally called Hellenic Republic ...
Italy is well-known for its art, culture, and several monuments, among them the leaning tower of Pisa and the Roman Colosseum
Italy is well known for its art...
France is ranked as the major tourist destination in the world
France is a democracy ...
The term China can narrowly mean China proper
China, country in continental East Asia ...
Thailand 's population is dominated by ethnic Thai and Lao, who make up three quarters of the population
Thailand is divided into 76 provinces ...

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