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C a r i b b e a n  I s l a n d : P e o pl e & C u l t u r e

Caribbean Culture

» The earliest recorded prehistoric site for the Caribbean cultural area is the El Jobo site in Venezuela assumes that this culture is an offshoot of the North American Big Game Hunting. Although the Lesser and Greater Antilles were home to various types of extinct Pleistocene megafauna, such as the giant ground sloth (Megaelocsus), no actual cultural artifacts have been identified for this time period for the Caribbean Islands .

Some authors have treated the occurrence of Pleistocene megafauna and an acknowledged lower sea level of nearly 20-meters that could facilitate travel between the northern coast of South American and the Antilles during the Paleoindian period as positive conditions for Paleoindian
. The Caribbean lifestyle is undoubtedly a product of its tropical setting. The music, architecture, attitudes and customs. The cultures of the Caribbean countries are a blend of colonial mainstays and persistent sway by major ethnic groups of the region such as East Indians and Africans.

» Old African customs inform much of the religious worship, artistic expression, rhythmic dancing, singing and even ways of thinking in the Caribbean . Spiritual practices such as Junkanoo in the Bahamas , Santeria in Cuba , Voodun in Haiti , and Rastafari in Jamaica are African-influenced movements that have Caribbean origin but a worldwide following. The culture of the Caribbean has grown and taken form because of the people whose voices have been heard throughout generations.


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